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p r i c i n g 

Baths short hair sm breeds        45-55

Baths short hair lg breed           55-65

Clipping large breeds              85-125

Sm-med puppy clips                 68-73

Poodles, toy, min, st                 68-73-85        

Doodles                                    85-125 x-brush

                                                 not included

Terriers                                     68-78

Extra charges

Walk in nails                            20 (CASH ONLY)

Teeth brushing                          5

Special or medicated

shampoo                                   5

Frontline or Advantage              20 (single dose)

SPA Package                             15

Flea & tick                                 10

Extra brush charge                     30 per hr

                                          15 min increments

Feather trims                             15-35 xtra

Nail grinding and general breed

trimming is always included with us!

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